Nocturnal cities: past, present, and future

Forum Sociológico journal dedicates a special issue to night-time cities, in an edition coordinated by Manuel Garcia-Ruiz, Alejandro Mercado and Jordi Nofre. Here’s a short excerpt from the editorial: “The urban night worldwide presents a truly surprising and exciting range of tangible and intangible dimensions. On the one hand, the economic dimension of the ‘night city’ is of undeniable relevance, especially in the largest cities from the Global North, East and South. Among the most noteworthy aspects, one could mention job creation (often precarious), the volume of turnover generated by the nighttime economy, and the consequent revenues for the public treasury at both local and national levels (Chatterton & Hollands, 2003 ; Roberts & Eldridge, 2012 ; Zmyslony & Pawlusiński, 2020). Simultaneously, the nocturnal city also presents a dense network of informal economies which have a reciprocal relationship of existence and dependence on formal economies as well as on the formal regulatory environment of the nocturnal city (Charman & Govender, 2020 ; Shaw, 2015 ; Yeo & Heng, 2014).”

Magazine cover: Image: Jordi Nofre | Issue Cover: Brenda Silva




Manuel Garcia-Ruiz, Alejandro Mercado e Jordi Nofre


Fórum Sociológico