Musical cities – Communication, territoriality and politics

Synopsis: The aim of this publication is to insert itself into the debate on creative cities (which has gained momentum in Brazil over the past decade), broadening the arguments (which generally center on a discussion of the potential and limits of the creative economies of the territories) towards a reflection that tries to account for multiple aspects involving “musical cities” (relevant aspects – encompassing, for example, the construction of sociability, memories, affections and identification processes – which are not necessarily related to and/or conditioned by the economic imperative) that also seek to contemplate and value everyday cultural activities (lived by the actors in an intense way, in performative, sound, tactile and/or theatrical performances). There is a commitment in the works gathered here to analyze not only the institutionalized and more visible universe (whether or not it is covered by public policies), but also to consider the dynamics of urban musical territorialities (some almost invisible or more spontaneous, which gravitate around musical genres and/or scenes), which significantly alter imaginaries and everyday rhythms in cities.




Cíntia Sanmartin Fernandes; Micael Herschmann


Editora Sulina