Anthropology Research Network Center

Anthropology Research Network Center (in portuguese, CRIA) is an inter-university unit that has existed since 2007 as an R&D unit of the FCT, which is organized into hubs based in four university institutions (ISCTE, NOVA FCSH, UCoimbra and UMinho). Research at CRIA is organized into research groups that make up the center’s scientific core and bring together researchers from the different institutional hubs. These groups were formed from four specific fields: (1) Circulation and Production of Places, (2) Environmental Challenges, Sustainability and Ethnography, (3) Governance, Policies and Everyday Life, and (4) Cultural Practices and Policies. Transversely, the thematic lines bring together researchers from the various research groups around specific research themes and contexts such as (1) Anthropology of Health, (2) Visual Anthropology and Art, (3) Studies in Arab and Islamic Contexts, (4) Anthropology of Religion, (5) Informal Resources, State and Social Capital and (6) South Asian Studies.