Cenas do Gueto, Mocho Tá na Casa

Quinta do Mocho knew how to turn stereotypes around and give new meaning to life in the ghetto, highlighting the qualities of the area and its inhabitants.

As part of a project funded by the FCT and involving a partnership between CICS.NOVA, NOVA FCSH, CIES-ISCTE and CRIA, the series Cenas do Gueto, Mocho Tá na Casa was developed.

In 27 episodes, the inhabitants, artists and history of Quinta do Mocho are presented. The episodes are ethnographic micro-documentaries shot by the anthropologist and sociologist Otávio Raposo, edited by the anthropologist Filipe Ferraz and graphically designed and communicated by the anthropologist Gabriela Leal.

This series is part of the research project ArtCitizenship, which explores “non-institutional territories for the construction of citizenship and participation in public space” and seeks to understand the links between art, creativity and political action.