Musical Cartographies of Rio de Janeiro

Musical Cartographies of Rio de Janeiro  is a digital platform coordinated by professors Micael Herschmann and Cíntia Sanmartin Fernandes, as a result of a partnership between the research groups NEPCOM (UFRJ) and CAC (UERJ).  This recently concluded initiative counted with the collaboration of research assistants and technicians from the research groups Comunicação, Arte e Cidade (PPGCOM of UERJ) and Núcleo de Estudos e Projetos em Comunicação (PPGCOM of UFRJ) and brings a wealth of audiovisual material about the cities of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Conservatória and Rio das Ostras. The project was carried out over the last four years, with the support of the research agencies FAPERJ, CNPq and CAPES. According to the research team, “our expectation is to release a publication with the final results of this work still in the first quarter of 2023.”





Micael Herschmann; Cíntia Sanmartin Fernandes


Grupo de Pesquisa NEPCOM e Grupo de Pesquisa CAC