Mediation cartographies of Architecture exhibition events

“In Mediation Cartographies of Architecture Exhibition Events, the informative geographies that stratify Architecture Events are explored, creating a comparative database between two of those whom mark, in particular, the European contemporaneousness of Exhibition Events: The Venice Biennale and The Lisbon Triennale. Following a gradual approach toward the theme – which contextualizes it – this study proposes the “deconstruction” of these Architecture Exhibition Events for the 2006 to 2016 period, for the “construction” of an informative map divided by eleven analyzing sub-themes – for each of one, the two case studies are analyzed both individually and then together. With this, it is proposed to recognize the Mediation scenarios in which Events are developed and related, articulating contributions from Architecture, Communication and related fields. The projection of this “cartography” may enable an interpretive (re)-reading of these Events, (re)- positioning them in Space-Time, in a set Mode and re-emphasizing the fundamental role of Mediators in defining the complex dynamic processes that characterize Architecture Exhibition Events. This whole analysis can, thus, contribute to a setting geometry towards a possible way in understanding the interaction processes that lay inherent between The Venice Biennial and The Lisbon Triennial, and of these relating to other Events”.




Ana Isabel Gomes Vilar | Orientadores: Helena Pires e João Rosmaninho