Street musical cartography in downtown Rio de Janeiro

Cartografia Musical de Rua do Centro do Rio de Janeiro (“Street musical cartography in downtown Rio de Janeiro”) is a research project coordinated by Micael Herschmann (UFRJ) and Cíntia Sanmartin Fernandes (UERJ) with the aim of evaluating the importance of music played on the streets for the city’s reframing processes, problematizing in what ways do “musical territorialities” effectively constitute creative spatialities that may be able to drive Sustainable Local Development.

The project was based on fieldwork that was carried out with music groups that perform on the streets of downtown Rio de Janeiro. This cartography allows users to get to know the most diverse musical genres, spatialities, circuits and even the narratives of the actors involved with the concerts performed, through different contents.

The act of mapping, as mentioned in the presentation of the project, aims to promote polyphony and invest in the social wealth of street musical culture.

You can read more about this project here.


Micael Herschmann | Cíntia Sanmartin Fernandes