Mercados Municipais de Braga: passado/presente.

In Mercados Municipais de Braga: passado/presente (“Municipal Markets of Braga: past/present”) written by Miguel Bandeira, Passeio’s collaborator, the history of the markets in Braga is revisited.

Throughout the text, it’s possible to recoginize the markets as an excellent start to summarize the history of the city, especially if we go through the itinerary of its antecedents, the places where they functioned, and all the other ways of meeting and exchanging that are capable of signify life in the city.

“Today, the Municipal Market, rehabilitated by the Braga City Council, opens a new life cycle, relaunching, to last at least another half century” (2020, p. 19).

Available in portuguese, the full text and images of a past/present can be accessed here.




Miguel Bandeira