Urban art, youth and sentimental education: between the city and cyberspace (ethnographic experiences)

“This text is part of a research postdoctoral held in Lisbon during the year 2013, about street art and graffiti. The article talks about juvenile dynamics in the context of street art, from lines and movements performed between urban environments and cyberspace. The urban art increase in digital avenues shows who actors make transcend places, times and ratings generations. Our starting point is that the changes made between the graffiti artist / illegal graffiti artist – toward urban artist – also show a rite of passage between a kind of youth and adulthood, and can be identified as markers of generations. The narrative line of the text will have the route of two narrators: Grud, urban artist who lives in Fortaleza / Brazil, and Hazul Luzah, who lives in Porto / Portugal. By urban art, according to the interlocutors of the research, is produced a kind of education of feelings, stimulated by perceptions, links and multiple meanings of appropriating the city and its ways in cyberspace. It is the mission of the urban artist, like the anthropologist who moves between networks, have a nomadic device, of mingle, move, and re-register, just, details, colors and styles of your signature on city streets and on digital sites”.

Keywords: Anthropology of the streets, Cyberspace, Young rites, Urban art, Sentimental education.

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Glória Maria dos Santos Diógenes


Linguagem, Educação e Sociedade