Art, city and communication: cartographic reflections on Mona Hatoum’s maps

Abstract: “This article analyzes the cartographic work of the artist Mona Hatoum Roadworks (1985). The hermeneutic analysis tool used articulates the concepts of discursive genres and dialogism, by Mikhail Bakhtin and Valentin Volóchinov, the notions of modeling systems and artistic texts, by Iuri Lotman, and the rhizome, territorialization and deterritorialization, by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. The cartographic processes are understood as communicational and social languages and tools. Hatoum’s history in contemporary art is also contextualized to understand how her works use geographic, architectural and communicational notions related to aesthetic and political issues in representations of mercantile and functional cities. It articulates a semiotic concerned with the decentralization of hegemonic powers and which takes into account voices, invisibilities and multiple identities within urban spaces.” Access here.




Andressa Carai Monteiro; Herom Vargas