The city in all its forms

“The city is a high-definition electronic panel glowing amid dense nights of fog, moons, streets, adventures, naked images and days of vibration. A high-tech billboard displaying imagery in real time, rain or shine. a city communicates all the time for what it is, for what it has and for what it signals with its network of signs that go viral as messages in search of a decipherment. City is environment, atmosphere, climate, temperature, light, sensitivity, emotion , experience, encounters and fantasies This unmissable and delicious book, whose title, The city in all its forms, sets the tone for a comprehensive, empathic and formist reading of the urban phenomenon, is a plunge into the relationships woven under the permanent luminosity of artificial energies – although softened by the chiaroscuro of the parties and everything that escapes the utilitarianism of rationality – of life in the polis Fabio La Rocca is the guide sociologist, the sensitive interpreter, the inspired flâneur, the passant and without haste, he who looks and sees what we do not see. Each line is like a bus en route to a place with its aura”.




Fabio La Rocca