Urban art between environments: “folds” between the “material” city and cyberspace

“This text aims to share an ethnographic experience in the field of street art developed in Lisbon. In a previous investigation I had observed that cyberspace can provide visibility and non-ephemerality to urban inscriptions considered illegal. Cyberspace, as one of the interlocutors of the research alluded, many times makes eternal what the city erases. I decided to implement an itinerary marked by the interventions of urban artists who move between an area of Lisbon and digital social network environments. Upon observing the work of artist Dalaiama Street Art, I experience the processes of unfolding of material and digital instances. And I end by pointing out that the ubiquitous nature of the various spheres of the Internet end up producing sagacity, inversions and the mutual recognition between the actors who are part of narratives, involving those who research and those who are researched”.

Keywords: Urban anthropology, Ethnography, Urban art, Cyberspace.

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Glória Maria dos Santos Diógenes