Memories and images of traditional commerce in Braga

The traditional trading establishments are places of memory, located on the threshold between the interior and the exterior, the inside, and the street. These are quasi-dwelling places where those who work there or their usual customers accumulate experiences, In modern cities, these houses are privileged spaces where not only old structures are preserved – buildings, furniture, and objects – but also vestiges of the practices, habits, and characters of other times. The Passeio has devoted special attention to these places, visiting the establishments, doing interviews, photographic and audio-visual records, and digitizing family albums. These memories are often merged with family stories. with the histories of the families that manage them, crossing different generations.

By Helena Pires, Fábio Marques e Sofia Gomes

Ficheiros audio

Entrevista a Carlos Guimarães – Correaria Moderna
Entrevista com Carlos Sarmento – Pereira das Violas
Entrevista com José Cerqueira Gomes – Óptica Cerqueira Gomes


LOCAL: Braga

LATITUDE: 41.5510621

LONGITUDE: -8.4219475