Braga Sound Map

Braga Sound Map represents the experience of a visitor in Braga through the sounds of its streets and unique places. The life of a visiting researcher at the University of Minho, Roi Mendez Fernandez,  through the sounds of the city. A journey to do with closed eyes, imagining the spaces that make up the sound waves.

The recordings were made between June 15 and July 9, 2023 at different times of the day. In each point of the map you can find the recording in youtube video format along with a brief description of the space and the recording, small indications of the day and time when it was made and a punctualization on whether the recording was made in static (placing the recorder on a surface of the city) or in motion (walking through the space).

The sounds were captured with the ZOOM H2N recorder, a device that allows capturing 360º sound thanks to its four microphones. The sound has been processed to be enjoyed on a home device by transforming the signal into binaural sound, which can be enjoyed by the listener using traditional headphones. Therefore, it is recommended that the listener uses earphones to enjoy the full experience of the Braga Sound Map.

Listen here Braga Sound Map intro.

Presentation music: Ode to St. John of Braga, Joaquim José Paiva.

Published on 28/07/2023

Texts and recording: Roi Méndez*

*PhD in Research in Information Technologies from the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC). He is Assistant professor of Audiovisual Communication at USC. He received a first degree in Computer Systems from USC and Master in Computing from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). He is a researcher of the Audiovisual Studies Research Group (GEA), focusing his research on virtual TV sets, virtual and augmented reality, and new technologies applications in communication.


LOCAL: Braga

LATITUDE: 41.55121539999999

LONGITUDE: -8.429489199999999