É pra copa! (It’s for the cup)

In Brazil in 2022, the pre-election scenario on the streets expressed division: red towels displayed the face of Luís Inácio Lula da Silva side by side with yellow-green towels with the picture of Jair Bolsonaro. The mood was tense and one was identified by the colours used. Lula’s supporters started to reject the green-yellow, a mark of the Bolsonarist vote. Finally, at the end of October, we elected our next president, Lula. In his victory speech, he reminded us: “There are not two Brasis. We are a single country, a single people, a great nation“. In a fortnight’ time, the men’s football World Cup started in Qatar, and it is worth bearing in mind the words of the president-elect, just because a photograph of the Brasilian flag with the words “é pra copa” (it’s for the cup) has gone viral on the internet. It was necessary to make it clear for those who did not vote in Lula. As Luiz Simas explains, “despite everything, I still get involved in World Cups, I like to support the national team” (Simas, 2021, p. 75). How not to support the entity that is the Brazilian team? But also, how to overcome the repulsion for the colours of the flag?

The streets remind us what the magic of football in Brazil is all about. In the city centre of Recife, the crowd embraced the yellow-green and got into the World Cup party. By observing people in the streets wearing green-yellow, I found myself happy to cheer for the Brazilian team and to have the courage and pride to wear the colours of our flag again. In the streets I made myself Brazilian. I agree again with Simas (2021) when he states that football (and popular music) invented the possible country, the country that we love and believe in. The green-yellow shirt is ours. It is for the cup, but it is also for the hope of victory, not only of the Cup, but of all the innumerable possibilities of a single Brazil.

Text and images: Marília Farias LiArq – UFPE, o Laboratório interdisciplinar de Arquitetura: estudos e pesquisas em Psicanálise, Fenomenologia e Imaginários da Universidade Federal de Pernambuco.

Publicado a 09-12-2022


Simas, L. A. (2021). O corpo encantado das ruas. Civilização Brasileira.



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