Café Central (Central Cafe) (Stigma #03)

Before getting in, he confirms the address. Travessa do Repouso #17. There is a small sign with the name of the agency. Discreet. He enters. They are waiting for him. They greet each other, exchange smiles, and then leave, with bunches of keys in hand. The first ones are for the car that takes them to the center. The second ones are for the store in Old Church Square.

Before entering, he enjoys the facade. Among the long window panes, the contorted marbles, the revolving door in oak wood, the low blackened railings, and the gold paintings on the glass stand out. Café Central. You observe them at a long length. There is an imposing presence in the name, but also in the lettering, that leaves no doubt. This is the centre. This is the centre cafe. There may be others, but this is where they want to come. This is where they want to be.

He enters. He already knows the house, from so many photographs, blueprints, and descriptions. Now he also feels the atmosphere, the heavy, solemn air. He imagines the past, in the heyday of the establishment, full of clients, gatherings, manifestos, and visits from distinguished people. You notice that on one of the walls, old photographs bear witness to the visit of at least two presidents of the republic. A few more famous singers and a soccer player.

Now nothing. It closed two years ago, like so many others, which has not evolved, has not kept pace with modern times.

He does the complete inspection. Interior rooms, kitchen, storage area, bathrooms, upper floor with office, tea room, VIP room. Everything as he had read in the description.

He takes a deep breath, and becomes sure of the step he is going to take. The business deal is risky, but the transformation it will undergo, with the artisan hamburger restaurant on the lower floor and the B&B rooms on the upper floor, will be a guaranteed income. In the various simulations and forecasts you have made, even the most pessimistic ones, you will always manage to make a profit.

He looks one last time at the space, at the counter, and finally at the glass, with the golden “lartnec efac”. Maybe it will keep the name, after all keeping something from the past can be an advantage. He takes the pen from his pocket and clenches his jaws.

Author: Carlos Norton

Technical Data Sheet

Sound recorded with Roland CS-10 EM binaurals


Café Central (Pereiro, municipality of Alcoutim) (26.01.23 ; 11:57)

37,46008; -7,595903

Recording seated at a table in the interior room of the café.

Published on 10/03/2023

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Café Central



LATITUDE: 37.446603

LONGITUDE: -7.595541199999999