A•PER•TUR: A sonic aisle through time, space and justice-making

A•PER•TUR is a site-specific vocal, sonic and textual intervention, by Ece Canli, that aims to activate the frequencies of “in-betweenness” and bring forward the materiality of transtemporal and transcorporal memories. Placed in yet another historically significant part of Yedikule Fortress (Istanbul, Turkey), where the interior meets the exterior, darkness with light and the mourning of the past with the hopes of futurity, the sound installation functions as a fabricated horizon to experience a sense of a present that is out of time. It aims to re-narrate the collective memory of this specific place that has been inscribed by confinement, punishment, power and flux, by also bringing the artist’s own voice as an embodiment of the recollections of her own generation which have been experiencing the similar phenomena – the penal culture – in different forms.

Part I – Crossing the Bridge

Part II – Sound installation

Text and sound installation: Ece Canli

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Published on April, 2023


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LOCAL: İstanbul

LATITUDE: 40.99348469999999

LONGITUDE: 28.9227401