Ten childhood snapshots

    1. Under this light we played hide and seek, under the same light we figured out some tricks. The limits were from the house to the church, and from the church to the house, the limits were the sky. What we were hiding from? We were hiding from time, time here we go: 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-55-60-65-70-75-80-85-90-95-100.
    2. Come, come with me, lets hide together in the trees. Come, come with me, lets seek together if not forever. Together we can be, as well as then we split. Look me in the eyes and tell me what you think, please stand still, when will my turn be?
    3. Yes, you have your own seat in the church, and the church protects your seat. Now look the priest sits down, he checks around and then he spits! Where will your seat now be?
    4. The church is there, but the house is gone. The house is not there, and the people are gone. The church is there, the house is gone, where did everything else go?
    5. Sad face you had, when your mother passed away. Sad face you had, when your land was given away.
    6. The smell of the mandarin oranges at the top of the tree, makes me feel like a king. At the top of the tree, the smell the mandarin oranges, the stars, the night and the summer breeze, make me feel like the universe king.
    7. Lost in a dream with jasmine skin, I sleep and I am very worried of what I am about to dream. Shadows on the ceiling, the wind shakes the leaves, and next to me you sleep. You sleep in piece, but your cancer cells don’t sleep.
    8. All on board and here we go, the captain said and we flew above! The door is now twice locked and you no longer travelling alone.
    9. Similar with the night was the day. Under the same bed we lied, we saw chocolates, crisps and lollypops aside… seriously, how could we ever tell about the horrible things happening outside.
    10. Sudden screams surprised me in my dreams and made my heart beat, such an enormous figure you are… since then, I can no longer sleep in peace.


February, 2021

Evripides Zantides


LOCAL: Nicósia

LATITUDE: 35.1855659

LONGITUDE: 33.38227639999999