Ephemerality and maintenance of street art

One of the debates associated with urban art, namely graffiti, deals with its ephemerality. Another is about the differences between legalized, semi-legal street art and tags, often associated with illegality and the “damage” of public space.

In recent years it has been possible to identify the growing popularization of legal graffiti, being considered an artwork in public space. Names like Bansky, Vhils, and Kobra raises on the world stage and their art pieces became desirable objects.

In this context, some chemists have developed new methods to clean graffiti murals that have been “vandalized”, in a search for conservation and maintenance of those artworks. In an interview with ArtNet News, urban artist Shepard Fairey reveals that although he accepts the challenging and competitive nature of street art and graffiti culture, in his opinion, there are always more places to create new arts than about the work of others artists.

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