2 Jun, 2021

Webinar | The Future Design of Streets

The platform the Future Design of Streets, supported by the Laboratory of Landscapes, Heritage and Territory (Lab2PT) and School of Architecture, Art and Design of the University of Minho, organizes the 2nd edition of a webinar dedicated to street design. This initiative includes a cycle of online conferences, with the participation of specialists from different countries, through which it is intended to share and discuss visions about the challenges that are posed to the design of the streets: what are the visions of future that respond to the diversity and complexity of urban life, to the evolution of mobility solutions and to the major environmental issues.

The following themes are proposed:


  • Sun & Rain! | Adaptation to climate change

12 may 2021

  • Let’s meet! | Activities & social places

19 may 2021

  • Plan it! | Planning the right conditions

26 may 2021

  • Play! | Streets for young & old 

2 june 2021


Further information and registration through the plataform’s website.