27 Feb, 2024

Revolutions, Proteste and Aesthetic-Political Activism – Call

“The focus of the fifth international conference COMbART is on the intersection of three thematic and analytical dimensions: revolutions, protests and artivisms, recovering the notion of aesthetic political activism. In this call for proposals, we deal with the axis of praxis but also with the creative ethos, deepening the relationship between theory, practice, protest and social change, in its most radical sense: with political visual positions . We seek to understand the ways in which aesthetic political action is associated with an order of practices, such as poetic terrorism and Hakim Bey’s art of sabotage; the countersexuality of Paul B. Preciado; or the guerrilla art of Frederico Morais and Luis Camnitzer, to give just a few examples. With the notion of aesthetic political activism, we intend to put bodies and voices in evidence, mapping their role of criticism/promotion, in relation to the concept of revolution and protest. We intend to deepen the myriad of connections between artistic practices and aesthetic political activisms and to envisage changes in the form of social and digital protest in contemporary times. ” More information: https://combart.eventqualia.net/