30 Nov, 2023

Repairing the Irreparable – call

From September 18 to November 30, 2023, the call for papers for Vista on “Repairing the Irreparable” is open. Today, all over the world, governments of former colonial powers and institutions – such as universities and museums – are under pressure to establish reparation policies. These include safeguarding the rights of the descendants of the dispossessed and enslaved, apologies for the atrocities of colonialism and the practice of slavery on a large scale, the implementation of affirmative policies (for example, ethnic-racial quotas for access to university and decision-making positions in the structures), the revision of historical narratives and, curricula (through the inclusion of narratives, historical subjects and artists hitherto excluded), the return of looted objects, the decolonization of public space (for example, through the dismantling of racist statues and the memorialization of the victims of slavery), the forgiveness of odious debts and the payment of reparations. More information: vista@ics.uminho.pt