30 Apr, 2021

Open call | Journal Rotura

Call for papers on the thematic dossier “Creation Processes” for the journal Rotura published by the research Centre for Arts and Communication is open until April 30th.

“Aiming at achieving a general theory of creation, critical reflection on creative processes dialogues with the theories of art and communication, with the history of the procedures and the complementarity between what is general and what is specific.

The diversity of materials, means and processes as well as the work with archives – public and private, analogue and digital – are part of the richness of this field of study, which is a part of our time and which is supported by the accumulation and transformations of creative experiences in different epochs.

It is a transversal field that comprehends works in the fields of visual arts, digital arts, literature, cinema, photography, performing arts, design, journalism, advertising, architecture, science, among others”.

This open call for papers on the thematic dossier “Creation Processes” invites submissions of papers on the topics suggested below:

  • Creation theory
  • Interactions between the arts and communication
  • Contemporary poetics
  • Materialities within creation
  • Creating in group
  • Creation and reception


Rotura accepts articles written in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

Further information and editorial standards available here.