17 Oct, 2021

Exhibition | The Musical Heritage of S. Victor – The Bells and the Bell Towers

The exhibition “O Património Musical da Freguesia de S. Victor – Os Sinos e as Torres Sineiras” will be on display in the São Victor Parish Council garden in Braga until October 17.

The exhibition is one of the activities of the Musical Heritage Project of the Municipality of Braga, which consists of a musicological and ethnomusicological study that includes the creation of a network of exhibitions and concerts in the parishes of the municipality.

Along the panels set up in the garden, visitors can discover the many musical instruments that can be seen on the tiles of the Church of São Victor, as well as the curiosities and details of the bells of the Church and Chapel of Guadalupe, São Victor o Velho and the Church of Senhora-A-Branca.

The exhibition is open to the public.

More details here.