19 Jun, 2021

Upcoming | Conversas na Praça and Exhibition at Public Market of Braga (A Praça)

Will take place on next Saturday, June 19, at 11 am, the inauguration of the Conversas na Praça sub-cycle and the exhibition Inutilidade e reciclagem com criatividade. The event stems from articulation between the Municipality of Braga and Passeio – Platform for Art and Urban Culture, within the scope of the research and intervention project COMPRAÇA.

Inspired by the question What do the sellers in the Public Market of Braga (A Praça) have to teach and show us? the cycle of conversations aims to provide a space for informal conversation and sharing of experiences/knowledge between salespeople and people in the sciences and arts, under a given theme, which changes according to each session. Conversas na Praça is open to the general public and will take place in the Public Market.

The first conversation of the cycle, dedicated to the theme Inutilidade e reciclagem com criatividade, regarding the ongoing exhibition of Rosa Oliveira’s works, farmer-seller in A Praça, will feature the participation of the author, as well as Bernardo Providência, Jorge Louro, Miguel Duarte, and Teresa Mora.

The objects that make up the exhibition are made from the recycling of everyday objects and materials, such as empty plastic bleach bottles, egg cartons, styrofoam bases for packing the fish, rope wire, plastic spoons for the picnics, among others. The author breathes new life into them, short-circuiting the consumption sequence and the increasingly dizzying obsolescence that would lead them, without returning, to the garbage.


Rosa da Silva Pena Oliveira was born in 1953 (May 11) in Rendufe, Amares, Portugal (currently lives in Lago, Amares). About 8 years ago, she started to reuse materials such as egg cartons, paper cake bases, fish styrofoam boxes, string, magazine paper, cardboard boxes, plastic spoons, plastic lids, bleach bottles …transforming pre-existing objects into creative objects, “as I think or imagine”, according to her.
She participates in the Flower Festival in Amares, recreating flowers (from different materials, such as unused glass socks), especially for the event.
She is a saleswoman in the Public Market of Braga – Praça.