17 Dec, 2023

Echo – Arte Total

In Ovid’s poem Metamorphoses, Echo is “the one who doesn’t know how to speak in the first place, who can’t shut up when she is spoken to, who repeats only the last sounds of the voice that comes to her”. Ovid narrates the changes in forms and what will indicate the arrival of new bodies: noua corpora. Through a multiple fusion of variations, the poet develops the perpetual combination of what persists -mens-, and what ends -corpus-, thus adjusting to the axiom of the poem: the identity of a transformed being that manifests itself in an alterity. Like Echo, the work presented is a reflection or double of Narcissus. The symbolic relationship between them will be marked by symmetries and dialogues felt between Pedro Lima’s music performed by DrummingGP under the direction of Miquel Bernat, with new media set design by Pasquale Direse and the choreographic work of Arte Total Cia. A prelude to the story of Narcissus can be seen, heard and felt from the entrance to the Monastery of S. Martinho de Tibães, passing through the foyer and ending in the Chapter Hall, where you can see the forest populated by nymphs, floating in the trees… and see it all again in a cycle that will be repeated between 6pm and 8pm.

Technical data
Artistic Director: Cristina Mendanha
Production assistance: Carolina Vieira and Gabriela Barros
Musical creation: Pedro Lima
Interpretation and musical performance: DRUMMING GP with artistic direction by Miquel Bernat
New media Set design: Pasquale Direse
Choreographic co-creation: Cristina Mendanha, Mercedes Quijada, Carolina Vieira, Margarida Guimarães, Lia Castro
Costumes: Carolina Azeredo
Technical coordination: Sérgio Julião
Photography: André Ralha
Video capture: Vasco Rocha

Arte Total – Structure with financial support DGARTES/ Ministry of Culture

Tibães Monastery
Municipality of Braga
Braga Media Arts