7 Oct, 2023

From Punk to Near Silence

From Punk to Near Silence is a cycle of commented screenings, programmed and produced by Ilda Teresa Castro, mapping the encounter between cinema, music and the city of Lisbon, which will take place at the Teatro Municipal de São Luiz. Each session of this cycle begins with a short film, continues with a commented conversation with actors from the films and musical genres in focus, and concludes with a feature film. In the post-25 April and early 1980s, the emergence of Portuguese punk, post-punk, pop and rock in Lisbon was at the origin of a musical change that was simultaneously aesthetic, socio-cultural and political – and contaminated the rest of the country. Present in behaviors, attitudes and experiences, this transversal movement involved spaces in some of the city’s neighborhoods, linked by music as a common impulse. The program therefore brings together a series of documentaries that retrace these historical moments and memories.