8 Nov, 2020

The displacement of artworks

As part of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the dst Literature Grand Prize, the Zet Gallery invited 25 artists to create an artwork inspired by each of the award winning books and authors. After this first action, the gallery spread poetry through the streets of the city with the roadmap Art and Literature in Local Commerce.

It will be possible to make the circuit through the 25 emblematic establishments of local commerce in Braga, which will host, until the 8th of November, each of the artworks. A guide-map is available at Zet Gallery, at the Tourist Office or at any of the participating stores.


The displacement of artworks from galleries and museums to liminal spaces is also the proposal of the exhibition Footnote 14: Angel of History. Taking place at Casa São Roque (known as Palacete Ramos Pinto), in Porto, the exhibition brings together a set of artworks made by contemporary artists who dialogue with Walter Benjamin’s thoughts.

Curator Barbara Piwowarska, in an interview to the newspaper Público, contextualizes the reason for the exhibition in such a place. Between the street and the house, as the curator claims, “the exterior and interior have become crucial emblems for Walter Benjamin’s topographic analysis of the experience of modern society”. More information