11 May, 2021

Open Class | Citizenship Arts: Youth, Causes and the Urgency to Act

The open class Citizenship Arts: Youth, Causes and the Urgency to Act with Professor Alix Didier Sarrouy (CICS.NOVA) will take place online next Tuesday, 11.05.2021, at 6 pm.

This is a joint initiative between the Master in Communication, Art and Culture of the University of Minho, Passeio – Platform for Urban Art and Culture (CECS UMinho) and the ArtCitizenship project – Youth and the Arts of Citizenship (CICS.NOVA).


Alix Didier Sarrouy is a social science researcher, a musician & a performer. He is French and he has lived in several countries, mostly in Portugal. He does research in sociology and anthropology, insisting on qualitative methods and field work. He is an interactionist, inspired by pragmatist philosophy and ethnomethodology. He has a BA in Cultural Mediation (Paris III), an MA in Cultural Politics (Paris VII), and a double PhD in Sociology of Art & Culture (Sorbonne Nouvelle & Minho University).


Zoom Link: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/89757042073