16 Sep, 2023

Urban art on wheels – Visual Culture Seminar

Passeio, in partnership with GICCA (Group of Researchers in Communication, Science and the Environment) and the Braga Ciclável association, is organizing a bike ride through the city’s urban art on September 16. As part of the CECS Visual Culture Seminar, the idea is to wander around the city to the rhythm of sustainability, pausing to look at murals and interventions by artists such as Mots and Sebastião Peixoto. Starting at 16:00 in Rua de S. Marcos and ending around two hours later in Rua do Raio, the walk will take a total of 9 km, guided by Ana Muska, a PhD student in Cultural Studies at UMinho and co-founder of the gallery, store and co-work Circus Network, in Porto. See the route here.

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