15 Feb, 2023

The City for Whom? – exhibition

Based on photographs of Lisbon’s streets between 1900 and 1968, from the Arquivo Fotográfico collection, anthropologist and filmmaker Charlotte Seegers established a comparative relationship, photographing these places again in 2022. The result is on view in the exhibition The City for Whom? This is a joint project with “Hi-BicLab. Laboratório de História para as Mobilidades Urbanas Sustentáveis: Políticas Cicláveis de Lisboa”, which aims to reflect on “what changes are perceptible in the city in the areas of socialization and mobility, and what city we want in the present and for the future.” The exhibition is at the Belem Library until March 15.

Credits: Charlotte Seegers | Excerto de fotografia do Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa | Fotográfico