The Act of Love: the use of photography to spread love and unity during a pandemic

Arina Voronova, an artist living in New York, created a street art project, aiming to promote love and solidarity in difficult times, such as fighting the coronavirus pandemic. The Act of Love is an artistic campaign that spreads love through the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, with photographs of of people in affectionate moments, always wearing masks. In an appeal to the unity of the American population, which faces pressure for social isolation, in response to the growing number of cases and deaths caused by the new coronavirus, 500 posters have already been published, and another 500 will be distributed on the streets of New York. The artist also hopes to portray the discrimination that Asian Americans are suffering in the United States. Arina Voronova, to The Guardian: “the project is a reminder for all of us of what it is to be human, to be able to deal with the most significant problem of the current world with love and sympathy”.

Image: @theactoflove_nyc (Instagram)