#StayArtHomePejac: a creative way to change the perspective of looking

Pejac, a spanish artist known for painting murals outdoors, using trompe-l’oeil techniques, which provide perspective tricks and create optical illusions with shapes and colors, launched a movement that proposes a change in looking at those at home during social isolation. The #StayArtHomePejac project is an initiative of the painter born in Santander (Cantabria), Spain, who awakens creativity in us. According to Pejac, in a publication on his website, “we all have an artist inside us and that, if we give him a good reason, he ends up doing wonderful things”.

Pejac’s proposal is for everyone to become protagonists at this moment, with pens and brushes, and to be able to create a new perspective of what they see in their windows, interacting with the environment, finding in art a way to fight anxiety, boredom and the restlessness.

#StayartHomePejac already has 945 Instagram posts from people who are using their creative essences and giving visibility to the movement. Airplanes, children riding bicycles on roofs, birds flying, among other drawings show that imagination has no limits and that, even at home, people find new ways to feel free through art.