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Passeio (the Portuguese word for walk) is a Platform for the study of art and urban culture. Our entry point are city streets – architecture, urbanism and decorative arts, urban art, everyday urban life, trade and crafts, sport and urban hobbies, entertainment and performing arts, outdoor advertising – their images, their stories and the technological connections that extend the layout of city streets and networks.

Focusing on the daily actions that take place on city streets, ranging from the accordionist’s dance step to the pose of the living statue and street-seller’s cry,

we want to recover the memories shared by pedestrians and residents: the memories of shopping stores, coffee-shops, the life stories of street artists and traders, the testimonies of ethnic and cultural minorities inhabiting the city.

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The platform is one of the research projects of the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS) that was designed within the strategic action framework for the years 2015-2020.



Passeio: about us (research project and research team).

Gallery: presentation of our think pieces (short essays, including photography, video, illustration, ambience recordings, interviews, music). It brings together contributions from Passeio’s research team, professionals or invited academics on the topics of our project.

News Kiosk: Clippings about art and urban culture from online media.

Media Library: collection of multimedia work, research projects and academic productions related to our theme, reporting the work of Passeio, of our research Centre (CECS) and of other people’s work that have to do with our theme.

Calendar: agenda of art and urban culture events (e.g. popular parties, festivals, exhibitions and scientific meetings

Map: mapping the collection of short essays from Passeio presented at the Gallery.

Contacts: Team & Research Centre (CECS)



Coordinators: Helena Pires (CECS/UM) | Zara Pinto-Coelho (CECS/UM)

CECS Researchers : Thatiana Veronez (CECS) | Anabela Carvalho (CECS/UM) | Elaine Trindade (CECS) | Fábio Marques (CECS) | João Sarmento (CECS/UM)| Maria da Luz Correia (CECS/UM e UAC) | Martin Dale (CECS/UM) | Moisés de Lemos Martins (CECS/UM) |Pedro Portela (CECS/UM)| Ricardo Campos (CICS-Nova/CECS) | Silvana Mota-Ribeiro (CECS/UM) | Sofia Gomes (CECS)

Researchers in the other centres/ Universities: Ana Vilar (Lab2PT/ UM) | Cíntia Sanmartin Fernandes (UERJ) | Joana Cunha (DET/UM) | Evripides Zantides (Universidade de Tecnologia do Chipre) | Francisco Mesquita (UFP) |Isabel Marcos | Joana Cunha (DET/UM)| Madeleine Müller (ESPM) | Miguel Bandeira Duarte (EAUM) | Teresa Mora (ICS/UM)

Contributors: Catarina de Sousa |Eduardo Bueso |  João Martinho Moura | Pedro Seromenho

Consultants Council : Albertino Gonçalves (CECS/UM) | Álvaro Domingues (CEAU-FAUP) | Fabio La Rocca (Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3)| Glória Diógenes (Universidade Federal do Ceará) | João Rosmaninho (Lab2PT/UM) | Julieta Leite (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco) | Miguel Bandeira (ICS/UM) | Teresa Cruz  ( Nova/FCSH)

Curators Council : Cristina Mendanha (Arte Total) |Helena Pereira (Zet Gallery DST) | Luis Fernandes (Espaço GNRation) | Sofia Afonso (Centésima Página)