Migration and photographs

Migration between cities is a known phenomenon, understood by authors as a political act, and, therefore, as social act (Durkheim, 1894 cited by Corrêa, 2020). Between the land that no longer belongs to this migrant people and the hope of a better life, there is a crossing, a path. The photographer Ada Trillo devoted her attention to this journey.

For about ten days, she followed the crossing made by migrants from the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to the state of Chiapas, Mexico (to, then, proceed to the United States).

Her visual records were awarded for the ability to portray this passageway materially, under a sensitive eye. In an interview with The Guardian, the photographer contextualizes the difficulties recently added to this crossing and the process of her visual records.

The award-winning photograph is available here, as well as a photo-essay can be seen here.