Vieira, M. S. (2019). Urbanity and queer multitude in Berlin

The objective of this article is to value the experience of deviation in the urban space through the reporting of experience in following public events involving gender and sexualities dissidents in Berlin. During the ten-month of lived experiences in this city, I have noticed through phenomenological analysis that it is in cyclical events like the Christopher Street Day that the queer crowd becomes representative in the public sphere and establishes new parameters for the limits of (post)identity and space orientation in this metropolis marked by a relative tolerance and respect for diversity. At the same time, it is in events open to the public that the Berlin LGBTI+ community reinforces the constitution of the ghetto as a territory of recognition and communication with the city’s population, allowing them to negotiate new social policies and contest the character of urban and social uniformity for the various queer experiences, against the recurrent framing of predominant cisheterosexual policies”.

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Marcos Sardá Vieira


Ponto Urbe