Somewhere – photographs as painting on canvas. Melancholy’s declination

” Somewhere is an object photo album, an album that lets us see object compositions, arranged neatly on a PVC plate, by the hand of a painter. These are conceptual compositions, with a figure of woman, eroticized, in general, bare feet, legs, arms and shoulders, a figure of long, shimmering hair. In this topic of connections, staged by Pintomeira, the female figure is revisited obsessively, so we will find her, sometimes as the only character occupying the screen, sometimes in connection with more objects – the erotic, we know from the Banquet of Plato is the art of bonding. But it is absolute the absence of another, which enables the relationship, the eventuality of the encounter and a way forward. In this eroticized body, there is in fact no possibility of a future path. There is never, in these images of women, the figuration of this promise. The female figure is a mere object of sensual and aesthetic enjoyment, ready to be consumed, then left there for the sake of abandonment, or thrown away once its function of consumable object is accomplished. The captions of various photographs, for example “go for it”, “no way” and “going nowhere”, do not indicate anything else: once consumed, the object of sensual and aesthetic enjoyment ends its narrative function.” More Information




Moisés de Lemos Martins


Câmara Municipal de Viana do Castelo