Ricardo Campos

Ricardo Campos holds a Graduation and Master degree in Sociology and a PhD in Visual Anthropology. He is a researcher at CICS.Nova – Interdiciplinary Centre of Social Sciences, Portugal. He currently coordinates two research projects: Artcitizenship – Young people and the arts of citizenship: activism, participatory culture and creative practices (2019-2021), TransUrbArts – Emergent Urban Arts is Lisbon and São Paulo (2016-2020), both financed by FCT/MCTES. He is also one of the editors of the Brazilian academic journal “Cadernos de Arte e Antropologia” [Journal of Art and Anthropology]( https://cadernosaa.revues.org/), co-coordinator of the Visual Culture Group of the Portuguese Association of Communication Studies and co-coordinator of the Luso-Brasilian Network for the Study of Urban Arts and Interventions.(RAIU). His publications include “Porque pintamos a cidade? Uma abordagem etnográfica ao graffiti urbano” [Why do we paint the city? An ethnographic approach to urban graffiti] (Fim de Século, 2010) and “Introdução à Cultura Visual. Abordagens e metodologias” [Introduction to Visual Culture. Approaches and Methodologies] (Mundos Sociais, 2013). He has co-edited (with Andrea Mubi Brighenti and Luciano Spinelli) “Uma cidade de Imagens” [A city of images] (Mundos Sociais, 2011), Popular & Visual Culture: Design, Circulation and Consumption (with Clara Sarmento, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014) and Transglobal Sounds. Music, indentity and migrant descendants, (with João Sardinha, Bloomsbury Academic Publishing, 2016).