Urban art | The right to be seen in city space

When we understand cities as a medium, a space that communicates and allows the communication of its inhabitants, some cultural expressions become an object of attention. This is the case of graffiti, which in recent decades has increased considerably in all corners of urban spaces.

In an essay at the Gallery, it is argued about the possibility to exist and resist based on urban visual manifestations. Also thinking in this direction, the urban art program in the city of Porto choses to give a voice to the urban community. Recently, “announced a new set of artistic interventions in the public space, which will be promoted by the municipal company Ágora with the curatorship of the Portuguese artist Hazul, until the end of December”.

The innovation of the proposal is related to the availability of a wall, located in the Viaduto de Santa Luzia, in which it will be possible to paint artistic manifestations of those who walk there and wish to register something, without the need for prior approval. Other stops are planned in this program. | More information.