10 Jun, 2020

Crisis – Connection – Culture: alternative responses to Covid-19

MAI – Feminism and Visual Culture publishes a call for broadly defined contributions from visual culture, including writing, art, short films, etc., on the theme COVID-19 / crisis and connection. The goal is to create a space for people to connect through cultural production and consumption during the coronavirus pandemic, specifically those that are already the least secure and most silenced in a systemically racist, capitalist and heteropatriarchal society: women; non-binary people; LGBTQ + people; people of color; poor and working class people; disabled people; Young; and others who are underprivileged. The intention is not only to expand these voices, but also to raise money for those who are facing financial difficulties, or may do so in the near future because of the crisis “.

Submissions will be considered throughout april, may and until June 10.