1 Jun, 2020

Amar o Minho | Artistic Residency Program

Promoted by the Minho IN consortium, the Amar o Minho project consists of an artistic residency program that includes the 24 municipalities of Minho, in order to promote the Minho brand from a cultural and tourist point of view. The Zet Gallery, a platform for the dissemination of artists and contemporary art, is responsible for the artistic coordination and communication of the program. Helena Pereira (Board of Curators of A Passeio) and Rafael Vale Machado are responsible for curating the project that intends, throughout this year and the next, to promote artistic residencies from different segments. The areas include art in public space, crafts, photography, music, dance and literature.

The Amar o Minho project runs from June 2020 to June 2021.

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